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Handmade Specialty wooden coin banks.... 

it's not your average "piggy" bank


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We feel your pain! A pocket full of loose change and not one single cute, adorable coin bank around to drop it in!! WHAT IS A PERSON TO DO???  The GOOD NEWS is......... You have come to the RIGHT place for the PERFECT coin bank!  And not just an ordinary boring bank either! Now, I know that with over 100 designs there may still be something missing...... something perfect...... JUST FOR YOU! And that is ok, because we accept custom orders!  You can send us an email from our web page or you can shoot on over to Etsy and send us a message to get your Custom Order started.  

The Lowcountry Shrimper

Nestled quietly in the coastal community of the lowcountry we couldn't forget our shrimpers! As a tribute to their hard work and delicious bounty........ we have a  handmade shrimp boat with its very own handmade shrimp net.  

What our customers are saying

perfect custom gift for my son

C. Beaugh

What our customers are saying

They look awesome!! Thank you! :-)

K. Thurston

Ordered a special bank for my nephew for his birthday! It was   A​MAZING!!

M Mayo

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